Price List

Solo   $850L

Duo   $1,000L

Package Deals

Solo   *3 Photos*   $2,100L

Solo   *5 Photos*   $3,200L

Solo   *10 Photos*   $6,000L

Duo   *3 Photos*   $2,600L

Duo   *5 Photos*   $3,600L

Duo   *10 Photos*   $6,500L


Wedding & Events

5 Photo Shoot   $4,000L

10 Photo Shoot   $ 7,500L

15 Photo Shoot $11,000L




*****Time is limited for each photo. Max time for EACH photo is 30 minutes. Please be dressed and ready for your appointment. I will not search for a setting for your photo. I have numerous props,poses, and backgrounds available. Appointments are required. All photos are as is and there will be NO REFUNDS. Please browse our Flickr to be sure you are happy with our technique and style. Please allow 24-48 hours for 1-3 photos, and up to 1 week for packages over 5 photos. Full payment is due up front. No exceptions.


*****Wedding & Event Photo shoots can be taken anywhere you like. YOU are responsible for large group poses. There is no limit to the number of people included in each photo in this package. Events on larger sims and a larger crowd will increase the time it takes to take each photo due to lag, so please be patient.

*****Duo pics include 2 people. Each additonal person is 200L per pic.


Questions? Contact Bella Szentmartony by I.M. if I am online, leave a notecard if I am offline.