Figure8 full

Totally off topic from todays post but, have you guys ever heard of Ellie Goulding? First famous and known for her first single that became a hit, “lights”, she is simply one of a kind and I am IN LOVE with her new song “Figure 8″. She collaborated with her boyfriend and superstar hit-maker, Skrillex in this one which makes it oh so awesome! Check out Figure 8 Here! <3

“I chased your love around a figure 8
I need you more than I can take
You promised forever and a day
And then you take it all away
(And then you take it all away)”


LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Almond & Almond Skin & **Eyeshadow, Lipstick, and Blush add ons**

Hair by Alice Project – Yuri – Infinity (Mesh) @ Around the world

[celoe.mery.gloves.mine] (Mesh)

Jacket by (fd) Hobo Fur – Funky @ Collab88

*BOOM* Everyday Tank (nude)

AngelRED – Exclusive 001 Bra Pink

AngelRED – Emily Shorts [Classic]

FATEeyes v2.0


The Stag necklace (chipped paint) by flightless

Pose’s by Label Motion

Sim credits go to Crimarzion

Special Thx to AngelRED <3