happy 2013

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2013 brings each and every one of you all you hope for and much more :D. I am excited to start yet another year of blogging, shopping, snapping, and loving (sometimes hating!) here on SL. I do admit I have been slacking when it comes to my post introductions but I promise I am going to pick it up. Not only am I going to continue to be an avid blogger, but I am also working very hard to become an avid designer on the grid. Which reminds me… Abe & I have officially opened .ANATOMY. !!! You can tp there HERE. And yes the small but growing inventory will flourish in the coming months which will include original mesh and stuff for you hunky guys out there too!

On to the post! I decided to take off my Chloe Mesh Head for a bit after I got this skin from Hush. The tone of the skin is quite beautiful and unlike the skins that come with Chloe, Hush skins seem to match very easily with my shoe huds. Which is a big PLUS! I tested a few of the tones with some shoe huds and found that I was easily able to match the Hush skins to N-Core & [Diktator]. Speaking of [Diktator]…this still growing shoe industry is unlink any other! Sure you will find the awesome original pumps at N-Core and the fabulous summer wedges that go with any outfit at PixelMode but [Diktator] offers a COMPLETELY different inventory of footwear. I will slowly but surely collect all of them :P Check them out below to see exactly what I am talking about!

happy 2013


[Hush] Madison Skin – Gold *NEW*

*BOOM* Liquid Glaze Black

+ Divinity + Hoop  Earring Set

[EY:NO] Crucifix Necklace (gold)

[M] Sculpted Teeth – Regular (closed :( )

[PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

DeeTaleZ Tops army body sheer black


Hair by TRUTH Happy 2013 Group Gift