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Shoetopia Sim Guide, Lessening Lag, & The Sugar Garden Newness! Bunny.


I have not always been a super huge fan of The Sugar Garden skins in the past. I am subscribed to the updater tho and got the notice last night that there was a new skin released, Bunny. I decided what the hell. I purchased Bunny and some new brows as well. I have always bought my brows from .tsg. and was excited to use them on an actual tsg skin. For some reason though, I do think I have one skin from here from a long time ago. I have no idea. Yes, I am too lazy to look right now and just too “down” to do so atm. I was told by a blogger of Shoetopia that the Shoetopia event would be opening at 12 am slt on the 15th. I waited up for 6 hours so that I could get in and out since I will be super busy IRL for the next couple days I wanted to blog a few things from there and get it accomplished and put off my checklist. Upon writing Anessa Stine, the owner of Shoetopia, she informed me that the event opens @ 12pm slt. She did apologize for the mis-information that the blogger had told me and was very nice. I was hoping she would let me sneak in for a minute but oh well. :P

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Bunny *NEW*

Hair: Ploom- Chelsea *NEW* @ Rockabilly Fair

Lashes & Lingerie by Mon Cheri

Bunny Post

I chose to use this outfit today to show u an example of how I would approach an event with heavy traffic and lag. We all know that the more scripts and attachments we wear , the more lag we put ourselves and others through. This can be frustrating as we want to look adorable 24/7…and hearing that we need to lighten scripts and attachments automatically puts this hairless, naked noob in our heads! You don’t have to risk your appearance completely but it is a good idea to tone it down…a lot. What I am wearing in this photo is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. Here are a couple tips to help reduce lag for yourself and fellow fashioner’s at events, while still looking your best!


*Wear texture clothing. I suggest a cute lingerie set or bodysuit.

*Detach ALL huds! This is super important since huds carry the most scripts. This includes your “AO”. Do not simply turn your AO off but detach it completely.


*Keep your graphics settings on low but turn your Objects & Sculpts LOD to at least “2″

*Turn on avatar impostors under graphics settings via Ctrl + P.

*Set your Max. # of non-impostor avatars to “1″. This will make everyone’s avi look a little low quality but will enhance the performance.

*Under Level of Distance Factors, turn sliders all the way down for Flexiprims, Avatars, Trees, and Terrain.

*Draw Distance settings should be set between 80-96. Lowering too much will not help but can make your lag worse.

Hope this helps! Remember, Shoetopia opens today, November 15th @ 12pm slt. I will provide the slurls below! (Links still broken so just copy and paste the link)

Shoetopia 1:

A. fri.day                                                                                                  

B. G Field                                                                   

C. Glam Affair                                                                        

D. Slink                                                                                          

E. Just Design                                                  

F. House of Fox                                                

G. House of London                           

H. Ison                                                                 

 1. Apple Fall

2. Alice Project

3. Soles4Souls & DCNY

4. Adore Abhor

5. Adjunct

6. ArisAris

7. Baby Monkey

8. Baiastice

 9. Bax Coen

10. Bliensen + MaiTai

31. okkbye

32. Pixel Mode

33. Rachel Breaker

34. Retro

35. Sax Shepard

36. Elysium

37. The Plastik

38. Tulip

39. 100% Donation Booth

40. XIAJ



Shoetopia 2:

I. Koi Koi                                                                                                             

J. Kosh                                                                                                          

K. Lassitude & Ennui                                                         

L. Gos Boutique                                                                                              

M. LaRoo Shoes                                             

N. sYs                                                               

O. Valiant                                                                           

P. Vivenine/Ryvolter                                               

11. Boom

12. BSD Design

13. Ducknipple

14. Gang Cold

15. Herve Faenzo

16. House of Hucci

17. ieQED

18. Ingenue

19. Kitties Lair

20. Kunglers

21. Lapointe & Bastchild

22. League

23. Leezu

24. LVLE


26. Monso

27. CandyDoll

28. MV

29. NCore

30. NYU





I literally went through HELL trying to get my new LaGyo & Okkbye Jewelry from C88 to work. I even tried getting new copies but that did not work. When I attached the jewelry, it did not show on my avatar and I got that little annoying yellow triangle hovering where it would be attached, a script error of some sorts. I decided to try to clear my cache and of course, that did not solve the problem. I then tried to do a clean re-install of Firestorm which of course..still did not work. Now I was completely clueless but very determined to get this gorgeous jewelry to work so I joined the inworld Firestorm support group..I only join this group when I have an issue that I can’t solve then I leave it cos it is constantly active with chat that gets annoying. Anyhoo, someone in the group told me to do a backup of ALL of my settings then CLEAR all of them. I followed the instructions from the Wiki and restored my settings. I logged back in to my viewer and BOOM! This worked! Finally! I am noticing a slight difference in lag as well as faster inventory load since I have done this. I highly suggest you do this if you are having any kind of issue on Firestorm. I will do this method routinely since it worked so well. BE VERY CAUTIOUS and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY to make sure you don’t lose any settings. You can learn how to backup & restore HERE and how to clear HERE. NOTE: this is for Firestorm users only.



This pose prop is from Glitterati and is on sale for only 100L! The closing sale @ Glitterati only lasts a little longer so hurry and go grab all of them!



Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 04

Hair:  [taketomi]_Fujii_Platinums  *NEW*

Shoes:  Ingenue :: Lydia Slingbacks :: Shocking Pink *NEW* @ C88

Feet:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (APPLIERS)

Hands:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax

Dress:  (fd) Boatneck Dress – Teal Pink *NEW* @ C88

Headband:  Noodles – Spoiled Step Sister Bow @ The Arcade

Necklace:  *MC* Vintage Necklace – Pure Energy @ NUMBEROLOGY

Ring (R):  [okkbye] Rad Rings – Floral *NEW* @ C88

Ring (L):  LaGyo_Aiko ring (with HUD) *NEW* @ C88

Bracelet (L):  LaGyo_Aiko bangle (with HUD) *NEW* @ C88

Bracelet (R):  *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (princess) RT RARE @ The Arcade

Lips:  Pink Acid Dr d Lips *NEW* @ SOHO

Eyeshadow:  Pink Acid Eyelashes & Metallic Eyeliner


GLITTERATI – Shuttered

Lark – Sweet Dreams – Pastel (long string) @ Funny Puppet Fair

[Echo] Clutch Purse.Floral.Pink.

In the city

In the City_001

Lately I have been at a halt when it comes to my write-ups for my posts. I always comment on what I am wearing and the attributes of my creations as well as others but I really want to integrate more for you guys. I am inspired and exulted by many SL bloggers and how they bring life and love into their posts rather than just blabbing only about their outfit and sales and steals and deals. I feel the need to bring the same invigoration to all of my readers. I want you to get to know me and would love to hear your comments and get to know you all as well! So, in hopes of bringing Luv My Pixels to life, I promise to entice you all to the best of my ability and I hope that you get the same overwhelming joy from reading my posts as I do when read others. :)

When I first started blogging I, unlike many others, will admit that I was excited to get all this free stuff while I got to show everyone my love not only for fashion but for SL creation in itself. After a while I got so tired from blogging everything be thrown at me. I got the point that I felt like I had to blog rather than wanting and loving to blog. So I thanked a huge list of my sponsor’s and told them I had to let them go. I reduced my sponsor’s enormously and tried focusing on the things I loved to do again. I am more happy then ever before. The reason I started blogging in the first place was to show the SL world the things that I spend my money on and how I integrate them together in hopes of inspiring girls to find new places to shop and new ways to make their avi one of a kind. I did get lost in all the freebies and instead of putting outfits together for the love of it, I threw them together and snapped a pic, not even wanting to do a write up. That is the old me! I wanted to tell you all how much I love blogging and to inspire the new bloggers to not get lost in all the free stuff but get lost in your love for your ability to entice others. I love you all and I hope that you enjoyed my ramblings ;) Have a happy weekend and I will be back with you all on Monday! <3

In the City_001

In the City_002


Skin by *JeSyLiLO*:::CeCe:::*LightSkin *NEW*

Hair by [e] Only – Essentials Collection

Shoes by Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Citrine

Shirt by {TD}Kate-Earth *NEW* – House of {Torn} is currently having a HUGE weekend sale! Go fetch those deals!

Pants by SOUL. Jeans Jegging Black *NEW*

Ring by (Yummy) Gangsta Ring

Earrings by POMPOSITY - Plain Hoop Earrings

Bracelets by [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (black) gold

Necklace by [EY:NO] Crucifix Necklace (gold)

Purse by .::CENSORED::. Vintage Bags_Mesh (Clock)

Special thx to *JeSyLiLO*, {TD},SOUL. <3


Haven 2

Haven 1

Haven 2

Most of the people that read my blog regularly know that I RARELY post things that are no longer available for you to purchase. However, I LOVED how this outfit came together and figured I would go ahead and post it :) There are a few new things here that rawk my world and they will yours too! This sim is absolutely gorgeous. I found it under the destination guide and provided a link below. There are tons of couple poses and dance areas here and it is the perfect spot for a quiet evening with that special someone.


al vulo!- Alice_ Special Room Event ( no longer available :( )

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Ladymana HairStyle/Light Blondies (used with additional hud) *NEW*

Kawaii 3 tat from Endless Pain tattoos ( no longer available )

.:: Delusions ::. Candy Dots Chest Tattoo Pack – LIGHT PACK @ Perfect Wardrobe (Tango appliers included)

[Cynful] Ruffle Mesh Skirt – Light Blue

.ANATOMY. Princess Undies Pink

.::DMD::. Cute Lolita Underknee Socks PINK

[M] Prim Teeth v2 – Buck ( no longer available. store closed)

[PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

Apple May Designs – Sweet Tooth necklace & ring

#1 *katat0nik* (red) Nada Watch

Frosted Cupcake Pasties

Ingenue :: Martha :: Snow Flats


Pose’s: ILAYA se tenir debout 21 -26 *NEW*

Pic was taken at Tranquil Haven Park.



I have been slacking sooo bad. The weather here has been fantastic so I have been spending some much needed time in RL. (It’s a good thing!) However I did realize my naughty ways so BOOM! I got some brand new stuff from Soul. and this top is sooo adorb! I am also wearing a new mesh hair from Action. The first mesh release that I bought from them, was not the best, to say the least. The rigging seamed off to the point that my head went through the hair! I have yet to get help to get it fixed. Instead of giving up I decided to try a new release…I have stumbled upon yet another issue! This hair has quite a few script errors not only in the hair but in the hud as well. I hope that Action decides to work on these errors or take down the price of the hair drastically. Such a shame cos the hair is gorgeous :(


Hair:   Action Womens Hair Dawn Ombres (Mesh)

Skirt:   :Paper.Doll: V.I.P August (Group gift) (Mesh)

Skin:   :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Julia ] – [ Pink sunkissed ]

Shoes:   Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Citrine (Mesh)

Top:   SOUL. Tie Crop Top Black (Mesh) *NEW*

Socks:   Waffle! Knee Socks – Spotted Black

Necklace:   SPIRIT Megaphone Diamond Necklace, Silver