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Welcome Fall!


Happy Fall Everyone! Fall is my favorite season not only for the beautiful weather, but also the wardrobe that comes along with it. This is the season that lets you wear the oddest things together and still feel warm and comfy. One of my personal favorite ensembles is wearing Ugg or cowboy boots, jean shorts, and a cute off-the-shoulder sweater. What are your fall favorites?

This leaf pose pack from Kirin Poses, available at The Season’s Story, is absolutely adorable! This pack comes with 5 different poses and attachments.  My favorite is the “Welcome Fall” pose that includes the cute little flag.  Here is how my day went today!

So, when I woke up this morning to begin my photo shoot I decided to use the flag first.

fall pics_012done

I walked around this adorable sim for a while exploring the fall foliage and vintage decorations. I stumbled upon a residents front door by accident. I did knock but no one answered so I figured I would browse around their yard to find some more photogenic spots…not that that’s creepy or anything. Come afternoon, I found a small patch of grass to sit and relax to take in the autumn breeze.

fall pics_016done

After having a bite to eat , and wiping off a bit of dirt off my jeans, I took a long walk back to the entrance to admire the stonework so beautifully displayed. My energy level reached the daily high by mid-day and all I could think about doing was raking up all these leaves and jumping off this nearby tree into them! (Probably breaking my leg in the process) I didn’t know if the land owner would mind if I put all their leaves in a pile, so I didn’t do so. The wind started to pick up a bit and leaves flew everywhere!  My goodness…I LOVE Fall!

fall pics_019done

Evening was approaching pretty fast so I grabbed my camera and headed toward the water. The ocean was glimmering against the sun and set the mood for a beautiful picnic. Too bad Abe worked today and couldn’t join me!  Instead, I did a little meditating to clear my mind and just let myself rest on the bank of the water.

fall pics_015done

Before I knew it, midnight was at hand! It took a while for me to get over to the light show. Once I got there I cranked up my IPod and had a blast dancing to Eminem’s new single “Berzerk”. I had a blast today….and all by myself! Sometimes being around your friends too much can be a little annoying, which I have noticed, can add fuel to a little argument or stress. So take a break every once in a while and focus on you for a day. I promise it will recharge your mind, body, and soul. <3

fall pics_030done

Wanna plan an outing or photo shoot for yourself? Visit The Velvet Sim, which has hosted some of SL’s best DJ’s of all genres since 2006!


Skin by Filthy – Belle (Tan)

Hair by [taketomi] – Aki (Light Blonde) *NEW*

Shoes by :::LP::: Quad Boots (Nude)

Sweater by B.C.C –  Breakfast At Tiffany’s Knit (Vintage flower) @ Season Story *NEW*

Jeans by The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans (Light Denim)

Belt by Zenith

Hair bow by [AUX] – Slouchy Leather Bow  (Moss)

Ring by [AUX] – Melt My Heart  (Pink)

Lips by Pink Acid Camille Lips V4 – No Teeth (Yogurt) *NEW*

Pose & Props by .::Kirin Poses::. –  Autumn Leaves  @ Season Story *NEW*


C’mon Let Me Ride


“If you got a sweet tooth,
You can taste my watermelons
If a swing set bores you
I can show you all my talent
I can wear a tan like other bitches can
You can have all this, boy!
And there’s only one thing that I want from you

C’mon, let me ride your bicycle
It’s so fantastical on your bicycle
We can get a little more physical
Baby, after all, it’s only natural
I feel it coming, coming, coming, oh
Feel it running, running, running, oh oh
C’mon, let me ride your bicycle
It’s so fantastical on your bicycle”

I am LUVVING this song right now! Check it out HERE!


I have really been in to (red)MINT lately. The latest stuff from (r)M has been so attracting and sexy! And as I promised…more NEW hair from [taketomi]. :D

Glam Affair has a new skin line out named “Cleo”. This skin comes in all the original tones but has a TON of extras. Some of the extra’s include: 3 Freckle Options, 2 lash options, 3 nose options (tat layer), 6 brow colors, and glossy lip options. The nose layers are so awesome! I decided to go a shade lighter this time and went with the America tone instead of my normal Jamaica tone.



Skin:  Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 05 *NEW*

Hair:  [taketomi]_Ana_DarkBrowns *NEW*

Shoes:  [N] moccasins – calf high 3 layer fringe – black

Shirt:  Blueberry Tyr *Mesh* Knotted T-Shirt Pink *NEW*

Skirt:  (r)M~LowRise miniSkirt ~ No.05 (Mesh)

Socks:  Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks

Garter Socks:  .:cheeky:. Punki Socks Pink

Crown:  *BOOM* Nature’s Crown (spring mix)

Necklace:  MG – Necklace – Summer LadyBird – Yellow @ The Arcade

Ring (R):  [okkbye] Rad Rings -  Peace @ C88

Bracelet (R):  *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (princess) RT RARE @ The Arcade

Bracelet (L):  [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (black) gold

Hands:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax

Bike:  {what next} Chelsea Bicycle Set -PINK

Photo Taken @ GOSH!




I literally went through HELL trying to get my new LaGyo & Okkbye Jewelry from C88 to work. I even tried getting new copies but that did not work. When I attached the jewelry, it did not show on my avatar and I got that little annoying yellow triangle hovering where it would be attached, a script error of some sorts. I decided to try to clear my cache and of course, that did not solve the problem. I then tried to do a clean re-install of Firestorm which of course..still did not work. Now I was completely clueless but very determined to get this gorgeous jewelry to work so I joined the inworld Firestorm support group..I only join this group when I have an issue that I can’t solve then I leave it cos it is constantly active with chat that gets annoying. Anyhoo, someone in the group told me to do a backup of ALL of my settings then CLEAR all of them. I followed the instructions from the Wiki and restored my settings. I logged back in to my viewer and BOOM! This worked! Finally! I am noticing a slight difference in lag as well as faster inventory load since I have done this. I highly suggest you do this if you are having any kind of issue on Firestorm. I will do this method routinely since it worked so well. BE VERY CAUTIOUS and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY to make sure you don’t lose any settings. You can learn how to backup & restore HERE and how to clear HERE. NOTE: this is for Firestorm users only.



This pose prop is from Glitterati and is on sale for only 100L! The closing sale @ Glitterati only lasts a little longer so hurry and go grab all of them!



Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 04

Hair:  [taketomi]_Fujii_Platinums  *NEW*

Shoes:  Ingenue :: Lydia Slingbacks :: Shocking Pink *NEW* @ C88

Feet:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet (APPLIERS)

Hands:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax

Dress:  (fd) Boatneck Dress – Teal Pink *NEW* @ C88

Headband:  Noodles – Spoiled Step Sister Bow @ The Arcade

Necklace:  *MC* Vintage Necklace – Pure Energy @ NUMBEROLOGY

Ring (R):  [okkbye] Rad Rings – Floral *NEW* @ C88

Ring (L):  LaGyo_Aiko ring (with HUD) *NEW* @ C88

Bracelet (L):  LaGyo_Aiko bangle (with HUD) *NEW* @ C88

Bracelet (R):  *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (princess) RT RARE @ The Arcade

Lips:  Pink Acid Dr d Lips *NEW* @ SOHO

Eyeshadow:  Pink Acid Eyelashes & Metallic Eyeliner


GLITTERATI – Shuttered

Lark – Sweet Dreams – Pastel (long string) @ Funny Puppet Fair

[Echo] Clutch Purse.Floral.Pink.

I run dis hood


Before we get to today’s post I wanted to inform all of you about the new landmarking setup we now have here at Luv My Pixels. On the home page you can see on the page tabs a new tab labeled “Landmarks”. Instead of looking for the SLURL in our posts, you can now simply refer to the Landmark page for your SLURL. Some people may think that this is a bit more difficult, but it only takes one more click and there are also a ton of pro’s in having this new setup. You can always refer to the Landmark page when you need a landmark from another blog that doesn’t provide it or you can simply browse all the different places so feel free to bookmark the Landmark page HERE. The list is made up of all stores that we have blogged on LMP so far and I will be adding to the list daily. Eventually we will have the list more organized and alphabetically listed. The SLURL for annual events will still be placed in the credits. A page for weekly, biweekly, and monthly events will also be coming very soon! I hope that this doesn’t confuse anyone but I promise, as more slurls are added,  it will be a very nice list to refer to. <3


Sooooo I promised myself I was dropping some sponsor’s and I was NOT gonna pile them up again….BUT…when I got the opportunity to blog for !Fappy. I couldn’t resist…No way! This girl has some major swag in her creations and the best Tango Tats I have seen yet. Btw…I  LOVE this jacket!

welcome to my hood_016

[taketomi] has a bunch of new hairstyles out. The one I am wearing above is “Kayo”. The attached hat is what really attracted me to this particular release. It is so nice having a hat that you can actually wear that fits your hair…yes you all know what I am talking about. UGH! I only wish that the hat came with a color changing hud…Luckily PINK is my middle name. ;)

welcome to my hood_017


Skin:  Lara Hurley-Lina natural pale

Hair: [taketomi]_Kayo_Platinums *NEW*

Pants:  [ BarmaleY ] jeans_DST_blue *NEW*

Vest/Jacket: !Fappy. Flash Boobs Princess Vest

Tattoo for Tangos:  !Fappy. Tango Tattoos Pretty Ugly *NEW*

Pasties:  Hart’s Look at those Suckers! Pasties

Collar:  Happy Undead – Charming Collar [vinyl ALL COLORS]

Makeup:  Pink Acid Pom Pom Lips
Pink Acid Eyelashes & Metallic Eyeliner

I am Thor


In Norse mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility.

Figured I would get a little med-evil in this post in honor of the new Thor movie hitting theater’s in November.

Check out the Thor 2 Trailer!

Thor Photo 1

Thor Photo 2

Skin: *BIRTH* Vince Skin Straw Tone maori

Eyes: *steel* [ContraptioN] Eye Spy

Hair: [taketomi]_Ken_Dessin [DippuDye/Kage]

Gloves: **DECO – MESH Pilot Gloves (dirt)**

Earrings: - .HoD. - Lost Souls Piercing

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. Prurient Unisex Piercing

Feet: Slink Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Outfit: Rochambeau Bandit Outfit

In the Dark

In the Dark

“On my waist, through my hair

Think about it when you touch me there

Close my eyes, here you are

All alone dancing in the dark”


In the Dark


On Him

Sweater:   [Pumpkin]  The cardigan(white) *NEW*
Pants:   [Pumpkin]  Sweat pants(white cotton)
Teeth:  [M] Sculpted Teeth – Big Gap Buck (store closed :()
Hair:  ::Exile:: 6th Avenue Heartache: Naturals
Facial Hair: *Trailerstar* Mutton Chops V1
Eyes:   FATEeyes 2.0
Cup & Saucer created by Coyura Cazalet [no longer for sale]
Skin:  ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent May ~

On Her

Sweater:   *COCO*_CroppedSweater&Shirt_Beige
Skin:   :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] – [ Pink sunkissed ]
Shorts:   ::RA:: Sparks Hot Shorts @ Fifty Linden Friday
Hair:   [taketomi]_Baby_Platinums
Garter:   *MonCheri* Sweet Nothings [Pure] lingerie ballerina tutu set (garter only)
Lips:   Pink Acid Pom Pom Lips – Rice Paper @ Fifty Linden Friday
Eyeshadow:   Pink Acid Dark Angel Eyeshadow, Eyeliner & Eyelashes -Black @ Fifty Linden Friday
Barefeet:  [Gos] Boutique – Barefeet – Flat *NEW*

A cold winter’s night

CWNH Pic 1

After everyone is done hunting on the Cold Winter Nights Hunt,

they can warm up in this cozy little skybox.

Happy hunting everyone! [CWNH WordPress Link]

CWNH Pic 1

CWNH Pic 2

Props/Furniture: CLEO DESIGN [Cold Winter Nights Hunt]

Skybox: {vespertine- frostwoods skybox} [Cold Winter Nights Hunt]

Skin: -NIVARO- Emerson Skin – “Elitist Beard” [The Men's Dept]

Eyes: FATEeyes v2.0

Hair: [taketomi]_Zayn

Hairbase/Facial Hair: *Trailerstar* Beard

Beard: [Atro Patena] – Beard A3

Jeans: [Sleepy Eddy] Used Grunge Denim (Light)

Coat: ~Tableau Vivant~ 3 buttons Coat