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This is a HUGEnormous post so I’m not gonna blab today. I just want to give you guys a glance of some awesome new goodies @ The Boobie Show’s 1st Birthday & Oh My Gacha (OMG). TBS is celebrating with an extra large collection of goodies for this round and the event started yesterday! Jersey Shore is hosting the first round of it’s new event, Oh My Gacha (OMG). This event will take place on The Jersey Shore sim Oct. 1 -31. It may be the first round but will definitely not be the last as it is a quarterly event, which means it will take place every 3 months. .ANATOMY. is participating in “OMG” so I will post the goodies from .ANATOMY. below as well. <3

This post features BRAND NEW stuff from: (click for slurl)


Lara Hurley




.Mes Sucreries.


Pink Acid

Squishy Polka Dots


Skin: Lara Hurley-Emily natural pale *NEW*

Hair: eXxEsS : SYRA *NEW*

Socks: Izzie’s – Knee Socks + Applier for SLINK

Dress: StickyZ – Sticky Girl Dress – Black @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Necklace: -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer (Gold)

Chokers: *Milk* Spiked Choker Light Pink & Turqouise

Mask: .Things. -Times of Grace* Deer black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Tiara: StickyZ - Tiara Cotton Candy @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Bracelet: {Dead Apples} Heart Shaped Charm Bracelet SKY

Ring: !Fappy. BlingStarBling Black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts


Skin: DeeTaleZ DELICIOUS Holly No.1

Hair: Exile::Sparkle And Fade (Light Blondes)

Shoes: CandyDoll Oxygen II Pink

Lingerie Set: .Mes Sucreries. Mon Jolie Ensemble (Rose) w/ Phat Appliers @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Headband: !Fappy. We Love Gacha Hairband v2 Sheep (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Glasses: ORINGAL .ANATOMY. – GEEK GLASSES (KATT) (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring: !Fappy. BigLoveRing Mageta/Black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Purse: [Gang/Cold] Momoka Clutch “Cute Seduction” White @ L’Accessories *NEW*

Lips: Pink Acid Duck Lips – (Nude) *NEW*

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
*L.inc* Phat Azz


Skin: DeeTaleZ DELICIOUS Holly No.1

Hair: *booN WMO003 hair brown

Shoes: Slink Classic Pointed Pumps Black

Lingerie Set: [Gang/Cold] Edna Hybrid Black @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Cardigan: .tsg. Cutie Cardi – Baby Pink

Choker: Original Anatomy. Pixel Heart Choker (Pink) (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring (Pink): Squishy PolkaDots – Mushie Gacha Ring princess – (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring (Blue): Squishy PolkaDots – Mushie Gacha Ring King – (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Lips: Pink Acid Silk Lipstick & Teeth – Bubble Gum Pink

Eyeliner: TuTy’s – Black eyeliner – Diva

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
*L.inc* Phat Azz

**Other Landmarks**






August 28, 2013



Like the red carpet theme? I sure hope so cos this prop will be my go-to background from now on. You will notice that Mes Sucreries is being featured in the background right now. The reason I am using the Mes Sucreries logo in the backdrop is because this post is featuring the new top by M.S. So when you see a certain logo in the backdrop of my photo’s, that will clue you in on what I am featuring for that particular post. I hope you guys don’t get bored with this set and don’t worry…I will not use this for EVERY blog post! I will still sim hop and continue to use props for photo’s. I really liked this concept and I hope that you find it creative and simple <3

Wondering why the CREDITS section is always changing in looks? I am currently experimenting with different layouts and looks for my CREDITS section. I am just about there…. :D


SKIN: Lara Hurley

HAIR: Eaters Coma – HAIR 30 – Platinum Blonde *NEW*

SHOES: _CandyDoll_ Oxygen II Pink

TOP: .Mes Sucrerie  - Bettie (Pink) *NEW* @ TBS

SKIRT: :FANATIK: Mini skirt leather – White

LASHES: Pink Acid- Everyday Alpha Prim Lashes

LIPS: Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lips V2 & Teeth – Apricot @ SL Fashion Week

CHOKER: .ANATOMY. – Pricky Bow Choker – Doodles *NEW* @ SOHO 

NECKLACE: *T.Whore Accessories* – Slut Like You Necklace *NEW* @ TBS



Bitch’s Picnik




What I’m wearing…..

Skin by -Belleza- Ava SK 6

Hair by D!va – “Lana” (Moon stone)

Shoes by Ruffled Heart – Leg Warmer Mary Janes 

Top by .Mes Sucreries. – Summer top *NEW* @ TBS

Skirt by Blueberry – Jamie Denim (Ice) *NEW*

Necklace by T.Whore –  Rich Bitch  Necklace Lim.Ed.

Purse by A&A – Fortune Cookie  - Original

Earrings by Erratic – Studded Earrings

Ring by S u g a r – Mesh Macaron Ring

Bracelet by LaGyo – Axila Bangle “C”

Lips & Lashes by Pink Acid

Remember…all Landmarks can be found on the “Landmarks Page” <3



“And so the conversation turned, Until the sun went down

And many fantasies were learned….. On that day”

Listen to this song I CANNOT get out of my head HERE.


I stopped by The Boobie Show for the brand new round and picked up this gawgeous revealing dress from Blah.

I almost got pink but I MADE myself get a different color other than the wonderful PINK that we all love <3 Purple turned out to be a pretty good choice…don’t ya think? ;)

A new round of The Deck started as well and I also tp’d over there and picked up this cute updo by Exile.

I got the Wild Fusion 2 color pack first and for some reason didn’t really like the way the curls were colored.

Picky I know, but I ended up getting my usual Natural Fusion pack, which I was satisfied with.

Serves me right for not trying the color hud demo’s that Kavar so nicely includes with the demo’s.

TBS JUNE_008done

Ohhhh! I am also wearing a new release from !Fappy, Sound of Life, which is a Lola Tango Applier Tat.

If you need help adding multiple layers on your Tango’s, refer to my previous post “Boobies” for instructions.

tbsjunee_001 done


SKIN:  Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 05

HAIR:  Exile::Live Every Moment Natural Fusion *NEW* @ The Deck

FEET:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet

SHOES:  Slink Classic Pointed Pumps Black

DRESS:  !Blah. (My Tiny Tank Dress) Violet w/ Tango Applier *NEW* @ TBS

CHOKER:  !Blah. (My Cute Spiky Choker) Pink & Violet

HANDS:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax

TATTOO:  !Fappy. Tango Tattoos Sound of Life  *NEW*

RING:  LaGyo_Aiko ring @ C88

BRACELET (L):  Noodles – Vinyl Wristband Pink

BRACELET (R):  *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (princess) RT RARE @ The Arcade

EYESHADOW:  Pink Acid Model 101 Eye Makeup @ CF Summer

LIPS:  Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth @ CF Summer

POSE PROP: Glitterai- Boxy



Funny title huh? Oh Hush! 

I have a question for all of you…have you ever tried to put multiple tango appliers on your Lola’s and failed? For example, I have been trying for the past week to add a tango tattoo while also wearing a tango top. Wouldn’t work no matter what I tried. So I figured I would ask someone in the SL Blogger Support group cos I usually get an answer through that awesome group. Turns out, you have to add a special script to your Lola’s to make them enabled to wear multiple tango appliers! I had NO idea this was how it worked. Laugh all you want if you already knew this but hey…I finally caught on!

If you are as clueless as me and want to enable your Tango’s to be able to add multiples then follow the super easy instructions below.

  1. Go to the .ANATOMY. Mainstore (Her Side) & grab the Lola Tango Multiple Script from the Gift box on the counter for 0L.
  2. Go to rez enabled area and drop your Tango’s to the ground.
  3. Right click them and go to edit, then contents.
  4. Take the tango multi script from the box and drop it in the contents folder.
  5. Wait until you get a “finished” message in open chat.
  6. Take the Tango’s back to your inventory and voila!

You can give thanks to Niccola Biedermann & Sandi Moonites for this awesome script!

fappy_005 done

The Boobie Show starts tomorrow, the 21st, and one of my favorite stores, !Fappy , is participating.

The tattoo I am wearing is an exclusive to TBS and the reason I started my quest to solve the Tango mystery.

fappy_009 done


Skin:  Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 05

Hair:  .ploom. Fiona – Blondes (boobs)

Shoes:  Pink Acid Mesh Pumped Up Kicks – Candy Coated

Top:  *L.inc* Missy Top Barbie Pink

Shorts:  [AB] MESH Boho Short Pale

Socks:  The Secret Store – Lace knit socks – Snow

Bracelets:  [okkbye] Wood Bracelet – Rainbow, Noodles – Vinyl Wristband Pink

Tattoo:  !Fappy. Tango Tattoos Love is a Fist *NEW* @ TBS (June 21)

Eyeshadow:  Pink Acid Model 101 Eye Makeup @ Cosmetic Fair (Summer)

Lips:  Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth (Pink) @ Cosmetic Fair (Summer)

Backpack:  *Action UNISEX Skater Bag – Neon Pink

Other items worn:

Slink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands (Relaxed)

Glam Affair America Slink Enhancement for Mesh Hands

Lola’s Tango Mesh Breast

Glam Affair Lola’s Tango Applier in America

Get all Slurl’s HERE.

Favorite Friday: Meme


Soo this meme came to me last night when I was cleaning up my inventory a little. It’s crazy when you happen to dig so deep into the depths of your scary inventory what you can come across. In my case, I came across some sculpted skirts. AHHH! Now don’t get me wrong, sculpts had their day when they rocked the grid, however, with every passing day technology and gaming become more advanced and with a good goal too…to make our experience here on earth easier and more stress free…and the same applies to Second Life. Mesh is the leading advancement in SL atm but before that we must not forget the passing breakthroughs that made our SL even more stylish than ever which included prim skirts and sculpts. Did you know that sculpted items can easily be made into mesh? Pretty damn cool huh. To appreciate the growing technology such as mesh we have to appreciate the older things that lead us to this very breakthrough.


I decided to go through and delete a lot and most of my sculpted things due to lag and inventory overload. I even decided to delete EVERY Truth hair that was made from prims. In a way it is bittersweet getting rid of these things that once brought me so much joy but it also a step forward into a better SL grid! Soo to get to the Meme, I decided to name off a few of my favorite stores by category. If I would have made this list a year or even 6 months ago, it would have been completely different. It was VERY hard to pick just one for these categories! I hope you enjoy and if you decide to take part in this Meme, post your links below so I can stalk ya!



*Skin* – Glam Affair

*Hair* – [LeLutka]

*Shoes* – [GOS]

*Clothing* – {mon tissu}

*Jewelry* – Maxi Gossamer

*Pose’s* – Label Motion

*Lingerie* – *Milk*

*Makeup* – Pink Acid

*Monthly Event* – Collabor88

*Discount Event* – The Dressing Room Fusion



Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 04

Hair:  [LeLutka]-ADILE hair – Fades Natural w/ optional flowers *NEW*

Shoes:  *T.Whore*- Shelly Heels Mesh Maculate Azure\Pink

Lingerie:  *Milk* My Gore Me Body Suit Dead Barbie @ TBS

Boa:  *T.Whore*- Feather Boa Azure-White

Hands:  Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Relax

Hands Applier: Glam Affair for Slink in Jamaica *NEW*

Nails:  Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- Stiletto Manicure (basics) *FREE!!*

Necklace:  +:+WTG+:+ **sweet heart** choker

Bracelet: +:+WTG+:+ **Be loved** bracelet

Ring:  (epoque) HaiHair Lovers Ring – Strawbi

Tiara:  [Wishbox] Alisandra – Tiara

Lips:  Pink Acid Baby Doll Lips (lipstick) 6 Pack @ TDR *NEW*

Eyeshadow:  Pink Acid  Metallic Eyeliner 8 Pack @ TDR *NEW*


Hottie Hits The Forest


Sooo after hitting and strangling my brain for over an hour, I decided to find a sim to take this photo in instead of a solid color background, which I have been doing lately. *coughs* slacker. I love finding and exploring the beauty of other resident’s view of beauty which they put in their sim creations. Just a tip: if you are totally clueless how to find some awesome sims to snap some shots, go to search then hit destination guide. You can also go to the drop down menu from destination guide and click on photogenic spots. Any hooo, that is how I found this lovely sim. The look of my avi didn’t suite the sim, however, I think that it turned out different and super cute! What are some of your favorite sims?

Upon browsing the Marketplace yesterday I found a store called “Remarkable Oblivian” that makes original mesh. Now I must say, this store is not new since it was established in 2005, but I REALLY want to share it with you and hope that you find some awesome things there like I did. They have super cute accessories which I haven’t seen on any avi yet. So, get your little (or big) booty’s down to their Mainstore or Marketplace.



What I am wearing

Skin by *Glance Skins – Poly – 01

Hair by /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair – Rye

Makeup by Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup – Pearl Pink

Shoes by :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Pink

Top by .tsg. Corset – Hot Pink @ TBS

Pants by Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * Black


TuTys – Mesh Pet Carrier – Chiwawa (FREE!)

(Yummy) Lolita (Heart Glasses)

:FANATIK: Knuckle Duster Gothic ring Gold

[ glow ] studio – Boyfriends Watch (rose gold)

LaGyo_Adriel earrings silver

RO – Light Hearted Necklace

RO – Once Upon a Crown Hair Accessory

Pic taken at Elf Forest.