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Body Electric


“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother,
Jesus is my bestest friend.
We don’t need nobody ’cause we got each other,
Or at least I pretend.”

“We get down every Friday night,
Dancin’ and grindin’ in the pale moonlight.
Grand Ole Opry, we’re feelin’ alright,
Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind.
(So don’t worry about)”

“I sing the body electric,
I sing the body electric, baby.
I sing the body electric,
I sing the body electric,
Sing the body electric,
Sing the body electric.
I’m on fire, sing that body electric.”

-Lana Del Rey “Body Electric”

My goodness I love Lana so much! Almost as much as I love all pink sims….. ;)


Skin:   -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03 @ C88 *NEW*

Hair:   Eaters Coma – HAIR 43 – CHESTNUT @ C88 *NEW*

Shoes:   .tsg. Lolita Platforms – Pink -(For Slink Medium Feet)

Top:    Tee*fy Elan Wool Vest Shirt Pink/White @ C88 *NEW*

Skirt:    Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt Pink @ C88 *NEW*

Hat & Mittens:    8f8 – PIG FILTHY Package – SECRET @ The Arcade *NEW*

Socks:    .tsg. Frilly Lace Socks – Solid White

Purse:    ::{u.f.o}::coco animal clutch – fox – coral @ The Arcade *NEW*

Watch:    [orage] Flowers watch – pink @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo *NEW*

Eyes:    IKON Spectral Eyes – Maldives @ FaMESHed *NEW*

Lips:    Pink Acid Baby Doll Lips – Peachy Pink

Lashes:    *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes

Hands & Feet:    Slink

Visit the gorgeous sim HERE.

xx<3, Bells <3



“You don’t know the half
This shit get real
Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins
What you call that?
Head over heels.”

“I’ve been up all night, tryna get it right
I’ve been work work work work working on my shit…
Milked the whole game twice, gotta get it how I live
I’ve been work work work work working on my shit…
Now get this work…”

- Iggy Azalea – Work

This song is on REPEAT on my PC and my phone….and my car…and my Ipod…. I absolutely am addicted to this one!  Iggy has some awesome style. She has a mix of runway/mid 90′s hints to her wardrobe, especially in this music video. I have noticed the mix of these two styles growing more and more not only IRL but also on the grid. Do you like her style?


I have soooo much to blog for you guys this week! I have been gone for a week doing some much needed RL things. It is very refreshing to take frequent small breaks from blogging and even Second Life in itself. I always come back energized and ambitious to take on a new project! I am not blogging these things because I HAVE to… in fact 90% of what I blog is bought, not given to me. I am obsessed with so many new creations lately that it will bug me to death unless I share them with you :D Without further ado…


I decided to fit two looks in to one post this time, both fun and girly. Kinda like day & night :D First off, if you notice the little pink bows in my pig tails on the right you will see that they are NOT part of the eep.  015 hair. These ADORABLE bows are indeed mesh and are new from Happy Undead for the new round of Mes Brics à Bracs. This is a new event, and the second round, that features some awesome accessories from some of your favorite high quality and 100% SLOCCA creators.  Check out their site to keep up to date on new collections and event dates.

7913 full

FaMESHed & Collabor88 are PUMPING this round! I shopped so much at both events i felt like a complete ass after I left. lol. A couple glasses of wine and brand new events…do not mix well when it comes to the L$. But let’s see some of the things I got at both events! The black pumps with the socks, on the right, are from (LaRoo) and are exclusively @ this round of FaMESHed. I am growing ever more increasingly addicted to the pumps that (LaRoo) has been creating. Have you tried them yet? Now you’re addicted?! Of course. These pumps are awesome and you can change the sock color too! 

The white top I am wearing on the left photo is new from Tee*fy @ C88. You can wear this top in two different versions, the short version as I am wearing above, or the longer version which adds an extra ruffle to the bottom. This makes this top completely versatile and super sexy and fun. Plus, there is a TON of different colors and patterns to choose from.

Aside from the events, Blueberry & Forever Young has provided me with these super sexy skirts which are perfect for summer! I am wearing the new Dela Plaid skirt from Blueberry on the left and the new Lacey Mini skirt, which is Hud Enabled, from Forever Young on the right. BOTH gorgeous releases.


The Rest…..

(On Left)

Hair by ploom. – Chyna

Skin by Glam Affair – Cleo

Shoes by Forever Young – Nikki Stiletto *NEW*

Necklace by Maxi Gossamer – Luna Peace @ FaMESHed 

Headband by Nacon – Sweet Treat Headband

Lips by Pink Acid – Shimmer Lip Gloss @ SLF

(On Right)

Skin by Glam Affair – LuLu01 @ C88 

Bustier by Mutresse –  Dupla Bustier Bra

Necklace & Earrings by !Elemental – Kitty

Choker by *BOOM* – Precious Choker

Lips by Pink Acid – Shimmer Lip Gloss @ SLF

What A Journey


Today I wanted to do a little dedication to Katey Coppola, owner of Glitterati and one of the most talented humans in this world we call Second Life.

Today I received some news through a heart-felt letter from Katey stating that, after 5 amazing years of running Glitterati, she will be closing it’s doors. :(. Although this is a sad movement for most of us, it is a goal accomplished and a fully written, and now closed, book for Ms. Coppola.  If you would like to read the letter in full or have any words or comments for Katey,  go HERE to do so.

Remember! Everything in the store will be on sale starting today until June 30th. All poses and props are 50% off or $L100, whichever is the cheaper price. Even though I already have every single prop from Glitterati, there was ONE that I had yet to retrieve but did so today..along with a TON of new poses. In the post below I used an old pose and a new pose from Glitterati. In honor of all the fun, beauty, and inspiration that I have gotten from Katey I will be using only Glitterati poses for the rest of the week. If Ms. Coppola happens to see this post, Thank You for being one of the best creators to hit the Second Life grid. You will be missed! <3 ( sounds like someone died when you put it that way ) Lmfao…sorry had to lighten the mood! :)




Skin:  Lara Hurley-Lina natural tan

Hair:  Exile::Bad Reputation Naturals *NEW*

Jeans:  SOUL. Skinny Blue rip *NEW*

Shoes:  [Gos] Boutique – Lolita Espadrilles – Peony

Bra:  .ANATOMY. * Teenie Weenie Bikini – Blue Cotton *NEW* @ WCME

Backpack:  Tee*fy  Leather-Made Goat Head  Backpack Vintage *NEW* @ The Arcade

Bracelets: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Blue) LFT & *BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (rainbow) RT *NEW* @ The Arcade

Necklace:  Lark – Sweet Dreams Kitty Necklace *NEW* @ Funny Puppet Fair

Nails:  [PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails

Lips & Eyeshadow: Pink Acid

Poses: Glitterati

Photo Taken @ Hazardous

Truth Is?

Truth is

A lot of people don’t know much about me. Some people are not truthful…I am. Let’s get this on a roll!

  • Truth is? I am inspiring this post upon this new release from Truth.
  • Truth is? I am over 23 and under 28.
  • Truth is? I hate doing dishes so I sometimes buy paper or plastic dishware.
  • Truth is? I have 2 children….they are felines.
  • Truth is? I have no job in real life…my hubby does that :P
  • Truth is? I prefer Strawberry Singh over Juicybomb.
  • Truth is? I sleep on my hugenormous couch…not my bed.
  • Truth is? I am addicted to Mountain Dew & Cigarettes.
  • Truth is? I prefer sitting at home and having a glass of wine rather than going out and taking shots.
  • Truth is? I have some SL friends that are truly psychotic…and I love them.
  • Truth is? I take prozac and Dulera on a daily basis.
  • Truth is? I take my jeans off as soon as I get home and put comfy shorts or pants on.
  • Truth is? My RL fiance is my SL hubby…and he is the best cook in the world!
  • Truth is? I love trying new skins but always go back to al vulo.
  • Truth is? The most addicting thing in SL is hair.
  • Truth is? I am a cradle robber.
  • Truth is? .ANATOMY. will become known one day.
  • Truth is? I start the depo shot tomorrow and I have to work my ass off to not gain weight on it >:O
  • Truth is? I don’t use the Iphone..I use an HTC Vivid..and it’s the shit!
  • Truth is? I am not a twig in real life…I am not a pumpkin in real life..take it how u will.
  • Truth is? I am really a brunette in RL.
  • Truth is? I really need my nails did right now….BAD.
  • Truth is? You now know a stranger better than you know most of your friends. Pretty damn cool.

Truth is Truth is shoes


  • Skin:   al vulo- Livia _ black blonde brow claveage bronze
  • Shoes:   {T a r a} PRINCESS Platform Shoes Natural *NEW*
  • Hair:   >TRUTH< London -  light blondes *NEW*
  • Dress:   Tee*fy Olga  Sweatshirt Dress Cream Set *NEW* @ FaMESHed
  • Lipgloss:   Pink Acid Shimmer Lip Gloss – Pink 01 *NEW* @ Fi*Friday
  • Nails:   [PM]Pixel Mode-Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
  • Pose: [ILAYA] The No Name Box Pillar with 20 Poses! ( I LOVE this!!!)

Thx to:

Pink Acid