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Body Electric


“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother,
Jesus is my bestest friend.
We don’t need nobody ’cause we got each other,
Or at least I pretend.”

“We get down every Friday night,
Dancin’ and grindin’ in the pale moonlight.
Grand Ole Opry, we’re feelin’ alright,
Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind.
(So don’t worry about)”

“I sing the body electric,
I sing the body electric, baby.
I sing the body electric,
I sing the body electric,
Sing the body electric,
Sing the body electric.
I’m on fire, sing that body electric.”

-Lana Del Rey “Body Electric”

My goodness I love Lana so much! Almost as much as I love all pink sims….. ;)


Skin:   -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03 @ C88 *NEW*

Hair:   Eaters Coma – HAIR 43 – CHESTNUT @ C88 *NEW*

Shoes:   .tsg. Lolita Platforms – Pink -(For Slink Medium Feet)

Top:    Tee*fy Elan Wool Vest Shirt Pink/White @ C88 *NEW*

Skirt:    Tee*fy Edela Buttoned Skirt Pink @ C88 *NEW*

Hat & Mittens:    8f8 – PIG FILTHY Package – SECRET @ The Arcade *NEW*

Socks:    .tsg. Frilly Lace Socks – Solid White

Purse:    ::{u.f.o}::coco animal clutch – fox – coral @ The Arcade *NEW*

Watch:    [orage] Flowers watch – pink @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo *NEW*

Eyes:    IKON Spectral Eyes – Maldives @ FaMESHed *NEW*

Lips:    Pink Acid Baby Doll Lips – Peachy Pink

Lashes:    *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes

Hands & Feet:    Slink

Visit the gorgeous sim HERE.

xx<3, Bells <3

Shoetopia Sim Guide, Lessening Lag, & The Sugar Garden Newness! Bunny.


I have not always been a super huge fan of The Sugar Garden skins in the past. I am subscribed to the updater tho and got the notice last night that there was a new skin released, Bunny. I decided what the hell. I purchased Bunny and some new brows as well. I have always bought my brows from .tsg. and was excited to use them on an actual tsg skin. For some reason though, I do think I have one skin from here from a long time ago. I have no idea. Yes, I am too lazy to look right now and just too “down” to do so atm. I was told by a blogger of Shoetopia that the Shoetopia event would be opening at 12 am slt on the 15th. I waited up for 6 hours so that I could get in and out since I will be super busy IRL for the next couple days I wanted to blog a few things from there and get it accomplished and put off my checklist. Upon writing Anessa Stine, the owner of Shoetopia, she informed me that the event opens @ 12pm slt. She did apologize for the mis-information that the blogger had told me and was very nice. I was hoping she would let me sneak in for a minute but oh well. :P

Skin: The Sugar Garden- Bunny *NEW*

Hair: Ploom- Chelsea *NEW* @ Rockabilly Fair

Lashes & Lingerie by Mon Cheri

Bunny Post

I chose to use this outfit today to show u an example of how I would approach an event with heavy traffic and lag. We all know that the more scripts and attachments we wear , the more lag we put ourselves and others through. This can be frustrating as we want to look adorable 24/7…and hearing that we need to lighten scripts and attachments automatically puts this hairless, naked noob in our heads! You don’t have to risk your appearance completely but it is a good idea to tone it down…a lot. What I am wearing in this photo is perfectly reasonable in my opinion. Here are a couple tips to help reduce lag for yourself and fellow fashioner’s at events, while still looking your best!


*Wear texture clothing. I suggest a cute lingerie set or bodysuit.

*Detach ALL huds! This is super important since huds carry the most scripts. This includes your “AO”. Do not simply turn your AO off but detach it completely.


*Keep your graphics settings on low but turn your Objects & Sculpts LOD to at least “2″

*Turn on avatar impostors under graphics settings via Ctrl + P.

*Set your Max. # of non-impostor avatars to “1″. This will make everyone’s avi look a little low quality but will enhance the performance.

*Under Level of Distance Factors, turn sliders all the way down for Flexiprims, Avatars, Trees, and Terrain.

*Draw Distance settings should be set between 80-96. Lowering too much will not help but can make your lag worse.

Hope this helps! Remember, Shoetopia opens today, November 15th @ 12pm slt. I will provide the slurls below! (Links still broken so just copy and paste the link)

Shoetopia 1:

A. fri.day                                                                                                  

B. G Field                                                                   

C. Glam Affair                                                                        

D. Slink                                                                                          

E. Just Design                                                  

F. House of Fox                                                

G. House of London                           

H. Ison                                                                 

 1. Apple Fall

2. Alice Project

3. Soles4Souls & DCNY

4. Adore Abhor

5. Adjunct

6. ArisAris

7. Baby Monkey

8. Baiastice

 9. Bax Coen

10. Bliensen + MaiTai

31. okkbye

32. Pixel Mode

33. Rachel Breaker

34. Retro

35. Sax Shepard

36. Elysium

37. The Plastik

38. Tulip

39. 100% Donation Booth

40. XIAJ



Shoetopia 2:

I. Koi Koi                                                                                                             

J. Kosh                                                                                                          

K. Lassitude & Ennui                                                         

L. Gos Boutique                                                                                              

M. LaRoo Shoes                                             

N. sYs                                                               

O. Valiant                                                                           

P. Vivenine/Ryvolter                                               

11. Boom

12. BSD Design

13. Ducknipple

14. Gang Cold

15. Herve Faenzo

16. House of Hucci

17. ieQED

18. Ingenue

19. Kitties Lair

20. Kunglers

21. Lapointe & Bastchild

22. League

23. Leezu

24. LVLE


26. Monso

27. CandyDoll

28. MV

29. NCore

30. NYU



Gummy Bears!


These adorable gummy bears, by 22769 ~ [bauwerk], were released about a month ago @ The Candy Fair but I am just now pulling them out since I put a few up @ the ICKY Mainstore (open soon btw!)


In other newness…get it? New-Ness… Gah Whatever! Boom has just released these AWESOME hair bows, and in the PERFECT color packs. I bought the “Aranel’s Favorites” pack, which comes in Petal Pink (the one I am wearing), Tiffany, and Sugar…all my favorite colors too! Each color comes with pig tail versions too.


Lastly,CandyDoll released these girly pumps last week and I literally wanted to grab them up in every color! Since, we all know how expensive that can be, it gets hard to choose just one color. BUT…..these pumps can easily be chosen in any color and can still be suitable for most outfits since they do contain a hud that allows you to change the spikes to three different metals, the sole to different colors, the knot to 20 different colors and the bow to 20 different colors! Buying black, nude, or white in these would be a super good idea.

Off Topic: I am now doing the credits a little bit different. In order to bring you more posts and to thank my sponsors, I will only be giving the full product names to products that are given to me by Sponsors, both permanent and temporary sponsorship ( ex. events,fairs, etc.).













I am STILL trying to get my links to work since the WordPress update to V3.7.1. If anyone knows the fix to this, please let me know as it would greatly appreciated! WordPress does not have official support so all inquiries or questions to a user-based forum. I still have not gotten an answer to my issue with not being able to link. I PROMISE to have the links updates asap. For most landmarks visit the landmarks page at the top. 



This is a HUGEnormous post so I’m not gonna blab today. I just want to give you guys a glance of some awesome new goodies @ The Boobie Show’s 1st Birthday & Oh My Gacha (OMG). TBS is celebrating with an extra large collection of goodies for this round and the event started yesterday! Jersey Shore is hosting the first round of it’s new event, Oh My Gacha (OMG). This event will take place on The Jersey Shore sim Oct. 1 -31. It may be the first round but will definitely not be the last as it is a quarterly event, which means it will take place every 3 months. .ANATOMY. is participating in “OMG” so I will post the goodies from .ANATOMY. below as well. <3

This post features BRAND NEW stuff from: (click for slurl)


Lara Hurley




.Mes Sucreries.


Pink Acid

Squishy Polka Dots


Skin: Lara Hurley-Emily natural pale *NEW*

Hair: eXxEsS : SYRA *NEW*

Socks: Izzie’s – Knee Socks + Applier for SLINK

Dress: StickyZ – Sticky Girl Dress – Black @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Necklace: -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer (Gold)

Chokers: *Milk* Spiked Choker Light Pink & Turqouise

Mask: .Things. -Times of Grace* Deer black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Tiara: StickyZ - Tiara Cotton Candy @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Bracelet: {Dead Apples} Heart Shaped Charm Bracelet SKY

Ring: !Fappy. BlingStarBling Black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts


Skin: DeeTaleZ DELICIOUS Holly No.1

Hair: Exile::Sparkle And Fade (Light Blondes)

Shoes: CandyDoll Oxygen II Pink

Lingerie Set: .Mes Sucreries. Mon Jolie Ensemble (Rose) w/ Phat Appliers @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Headband: !Fappy. We Love Gacha Hairband v2 Sheep (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Glasses: ORINGAL .ANATOMY. – GEEK GLASSES (KATT) (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring: !Fappy. BigLoveRing Mageta/Black (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Purse: [Gang/Cold] Momoka Clutch “Cute Seduction” White @ L’Accessories *NEW*

Lips: Pink Acid Duck Lips – (Nude) *NEW*

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
*L.inc* Phat Azz


Skin: DeeTaleZ DELICIOUS Holly No.1

Hair: *booN WMO003 hair brown

Shoes: Slink Classic Pointed Pumps Black

Lingerie Set: [Gang/Cold] Edna Hybrid Black @ TBS 1 Year Birthday! *NEW*

Cardigan: .tsg. Cutie Cardi – Baby Pink

Choker: Original Anatomy. Pixel Heart Choker (Pink) (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring (Pink): Squishy PolkaDots – Mushie Gacha Ring princess – (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Ring (Blue): Squishy PolkaDots – Mushie Gacha Ring King – (RARE) @ OMG! Gacha Event (Coming Oct.1) *NEW*

Lips: Pink Acid Silk Lipstick & Teeth – Bubble Gum Pink

Eyeliner: TuTy’s – Black eyeliner – Diva

Body Parts:
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Relax)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet (Medium)
Lolas Tango Mesh Breasts
*L.inc* Phat Azz

**Other Landmarks**






How do you like them apples?


Have you been to The Season’s Story event yet? I wanted to literally buy EVERYTHING. Fall is my favorite season and TSS (The Season’s Story) offers all things autumn! Among some of my favorite things were the poses..especially the ones that come with the little props. I ended up getting the apple one and the leaf one. There is also a pose pack including a prop that is an owl. Initially, I was going to use the leaf prop pack for the outfit below then I found the apple one and it was just too perfect…and to make it even better, the poster for the pack included a girl wearing the same apple dress, in a different color though. How ironic!


By the way, Slink has come out with an update for the mesh hands! You can read all about the changes on Berry’s site HERE. A have come across a handful of people asking how to get the update for the hands since their is no “update” terminal for the hands, only the feet. All you have to do is simply click the Re-delivery Terminal and have the hands Re-delivered. Slink has also finally released ***drum roll***, mesh hands for men! Abe is working on a post all about them so stay tuned.



Skin by Filthy – Belle (Tan)

Hair by [e] – Tallulah (Essentials)

Shoes by League – Lauren Wedge Boots (Taupe) @ C88

Jacket by katat0nik – Apple Jacket Dress (bright red) @ C88

Socks by BND – Suspender Socks (red)

Necklace by [EY:NO] – Color Beads Necklace (apple)

Long Necklace by {Sleepy Eddy} – Pocket Watch (Black) @ Arcade

Earrings by Maxi Gossamer – Alexa Black Choker Pearls

Eyes by IKON – Perspective Eyes (Glass) *NEW* @ Boutique

Eyeshadow by .tsg. – Doki Doki (Simple) *NEW*

Lipstick by Pink Acid – Au Natural (Tintable) *NEW* @ SLFW

Lashes by Pink Acid – Long Diva Alpha Top Lashes

Hands by Slink – Mesh Hands (Relax) *NEW UPDATE!!*

Pose & Apple Props by {Imeka~} – My Apple’s Pose Pack *NEW* @ The Season Story



Blurred Lines






SHOES: Blueberry Jeyda *Mesh* Platform Sneaker Boots Dark Black *NEW*

TOP: .Mes Sucreries. Patch Top – Pussy Of The Year @ TBF

SKIRT: Blueberry Jeyda *Mesh* Corset Skirt Black *NEW*


SKIN: Essences – Wednesday II – light rose *blonde*

HAIR: .ploom. Dolly – Pinks & Purples

LASHES: Pink Acid My Everyday Prim Lashes

LIPS: .tsg. Lip Tar – Do Tell


CHOKER: .ANATOMY. – Bow Choker -Black (Coming Soon)


7 – Lab Crates – Animated @ The Mens Dept.




“I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, oh, I’m radioactive, radioactive”

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive


Sorry I have been gone for over a week! Have you missed me? Of course you did :P 

I have been working on some new releases for .ANATOMY. and have focused a lot of time and energy into design & creation lately. My outfit today was inspired completely by this gorgeous jacket from Pink Outfitters, which you can find at The Boutique for July. I usually splurge at the Boutique but did not like much there for this round. This jacket caught my eye immediately tho. You know when you buy something and you never wear it again and then again you buy something and it becomes a go-to item frequently, this jacket will be one of those go-to’s….I LOVE it!


The Love Donna Flora Charity Benefit has started! I was very disappointed at the selection for this event. I was hoping that this event would be top-notch designers, in order to raise the most money….this was not the case. Although Squinternet is in my prayers I do hope that the very few GOOD designers at the event draw people to the benefit. Ready to bash me for being honest? Bash on. I do not get paid to write what people want…as I am sure many of you have a different opinion and this is only mine. All in all I pray that the Benefit is a success. You can read more about this benefit HERE, where you can also donate to the fund directly. I did end up walking away with two items from the benefit, one of them being these exclusives from [GOS], which were only 300 L….such a steal and a gift!


I also want to mention a little info about this hair, from Eaters Coma and exclusive to the Hair Fair, about the color choices. If you are a light/platinum blonde hair buyer like me, this will be very useful. I LOVED all 3 releases from E.A. @ The Fair, however, upon buying all 3 of them in the platinum blonde packs I discovered that the colors were more orange then platinum. I spoke to a few other people that said they stumbled upon the same issue since there were no demo’s for the platinum color pack, only the color chart to see displayed. I wrote the owner of E.A. and she was very respectful and mindful of my opinion and satisfaction. She advised me that the platinum packs did have an orange tint to them and that if I wanted something that is not so “brassy” to get the Sandy Blonde color, which she graciously passed me. This color was PERFECT and I was completely satisfied! This is Hair 27, which was my favorite of the three.

The Rest…..

Skin by Belleza – Ava Sunkissed 

Dress by Milk – My lace chiffon mini

Choker by *BOOM* – Precious Bow Choker @ TDRF

Rings by Squishy – Let there be light

Lips by .tsg. Lip Tar – Do Tell (GACHA) *NEW*

Lashes by Pink Acid – Everyday Prim Lashes

Hottie Hits The Forest


Sooo after hitting and strangling my brain for over an hour, I decided to find a sim to take this photo in instead of a solid color background, which I have been doing lately. *coughs* slacker. I love finding and exploring the beauty of other resident’s view of beauty which they put in their sim creations. Just a tip: if you are totally clueless how to find some awesome sims to snap some shots, go to search then hit destination guide. You can also go to the drop down menu from destination guide and click on photogenic spots. Any hooo, that is how I found this lovely sim. The look of my avi didn’t suite the sim, however, I think that it turned out different and super cute! What are some of your favorite sims?

Upon browsing the Marketplace yesterday I found a store called “Remarkable Oblivian” that makes original mesh. Now I must say, this store is not new since it was established in 2005, but I REALLY want to share it with you and hope that you find some awesome things there like I did. They have super cute accessories which I haven’t seen on any avi yet. So, get your little (or big) booty’s down to their Mainstore or Marketplace.



What I am wearing

Skin by *Glance Skins – Poly – 01

Hair by /Wasabi Pills/ Joy Mesh Hair – Rye

Makeup by Pink Acid Catherine Full Face Makeup – Pearl Pink

Shoes by :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Pink

Top by .tsg. Corset – Hot Pink @ TBS

Pants by Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * Black


TuTys – Mesh Pet Carrier – Chiwawa (FREE!)

(Yummy) Lolita (Heart Glasses)

:FANATIK: Knuckle Duster Gothic ring Gold

[ glow ] studio – Boyfriends Watch (rose gold)

LaGyo_Adriel earrings silver

RO – Light Hearted Necklace

RO – Once Upon a Crown Hair Accessory

Pic taken at Elf Forest.